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  • 23 Feb

    Let go of what was and accept what is.

  • 22 Feb

    Pour into cups that pour back into yours.

  • 21 Feb

    Everything is a sign. Learn to read it.

  • 20 Feb

    Never underestimate the power of taking small steps.

  • 19 Feb

    Learn the art of observing without absorbing.

  • 18 Feb

    Detachment is not that you own nothing. Detachment is that nothing owns you.

  • 17 Feb

    Do things from love, not for love.

  • 16 Feb

    Your will to create must be stronger than your fear of judgement.

  • 15 Feb

    You are not your thoughts. You are that which is aware of your thoughts.

  • 14 Feb

    Change is the only thing constant in life.

  • 13 Feb

    The right people energise your spirit.

  • 12 Feb

    If we can’t appreciate where we are, we will never appreciate where we go.

  • 11 Feb

    You’re allowed to feel good for no reason.

  • 10 Feb

    Pain can either be a portal or a prison.

  • 9 Feb

    Be the reason someone feels heard, accepted, valued and loved.


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